Google deceived consumers about how it profits from their location data

Google is called out in a lawsuit about the practices it used to profit from collecting end user location data over the span of years while deceiving about it. source: archived source:

Google Assistant Records Audio Even When You’re Not Using It

Concerns raised by privacy advocates got fueled by reports of Google home devices recording audio even when they are not actively used. source: archived source:

Google installs apps without consent

It was found that Google pushed the installation of software to end user’s Android smartphones without their consent. This example shows that Android Smartphones with the default Google Play services are not really in the control of the user as the company has the power to remotely install and uninstall software as they please. source: […]

Google boosted its own ad-buying system over competitors

It is well known that Google makes a large part of it’s profit via ad revenue, but court documents reveal that they company also used anti competitive tactics to position themselves against other players in the advertisement business. source: archived source:

Google’s AMP is not made to improve speed, but ad revenue

By claiming to introduce new improved technologies Google aims to push their new AMP web framework but in truth the main gain from it is to play into Google’s ad revenue business. source: archived source:

Google continues to track users despite opt-out in settings

Although smartphone users have the option to disable app activity tracking in the device’s system settings it was found that Google ignores these settings and continues to track the user’s app activity nonetheless. source: archived source:

Google and Amazon want all smart home devices to report every user activity to them

Smart home devices by the tech giants Google and Amazon have been known to track every user interaction when activated via their speech assistant connected to the companies central servers. In a change demanded by the tech companies towards 3rd party manufacturers of home devices now every interaction with a user needs to be reported, […]

Google enables undocumented microphones in IoT devices

When consumers obtained Google’s Nest Secure IoT devices there was no statement about microphones within the device. Google announced now the activation of microphones in the product series via a software update, not only proving the existence of the hidden listening device within the product but also the company’s perception about privacy. source: archived […]

Google is involved in the US government surveillance programs

Google is not only operating a business which is based on the collecting and processing of extensive amounts of data from internet users but the company is also involved with US intelligence agencies, aiding in government sanctioned surveillance programs. source: archived source:

Google and Facebook attempt to defeat privacy initiative

The tech giants Google and Facebook attempted to stall and stop an initiative which strengthens the privacy rights of internet users in the USA. Showing these companies put every effort into making sure user data is always as exposed and available to their core business model. source: archived source:

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