Microsoft is making it harder to switch default browsers in Windows 11

Microsoft changed the process of setting the default web browser in their latest version of their Windows operating system, unnecessarily over complicating the process in favor of their own software. This practice shows the unfair advantage the company uses against 3rd party software vendors. source: archived source:

Microsoft forces the use of online accounts on Windows

Microsoft aims to force users of the Windows operating system to create an online account bound to their online platform. The company’s goal is to drive users to the use of their online services, opening the possibilities of further tracking of user data which can be used to push additional subscription offers and other advertisement. […]

Microsoft gathers as much telemetry through Windows as possible

After the installation of a mayor upgrade of the Windows operating system it was found that a setting which limited the amount of collected telemetry was set to the highest level without the user’s consent. It shows the company does not respect the end user’s choice for privacy and aims to always collect as much […]

Microsoft is infesting Windows 10 with annoying ads

Microsoft uses their product Windows to display advertisement to the user deeply integrated within the operating system, showing the company does not see the distribution of their operating system as their main core business but as a platform for making profit from ad revenue. End users who expect to use the Windows operating system an […]

Microsoft’s chatbot in China abides the regime’s censorship rules

When confronted with certain keywords, the Chinese version of the Microsoft chatbot “Xiaobing”, responded either with avoidance or straight up confrontation towards the chat partner. The keywords relate to topics the Chinese regime does not want their citizens to know about. The implementation in the chatbot by Microsoft shows the company abides the Chinese regime’s […]

Microsoft Windows telemetry impacts system performance

The excessive telemetry collection within the Windows operating system has evolved so far over time that it started to impact the performance of the entire system, hindering the effective use of the operating system as a tool. source: archived source:

Microsoft may be collecting more data than initially thought

Reports published by Microsoft indicate that the data collected on the Windows operating system goes beyond what was initially thought so far including in detail the used software on the system. It shows the non-transparent way the vendor forces the collection of telemetry on it’s end users. source: archived source:

Microsoft downloads Windows 10 on user machines without asking

Microsoft pushed the multiple GB big update of their operating system Windows 10 to users who are running Windows 7 and 8, without the users’ consent or and interest in the new version. It displays the company’s patronizing attitude towards their users, taking away the control over the systems which are their property. source: […]

Microsoft cooperated with the NSA and FBI for access to user data in the cloud

Microsoft openly cooperated with the NSA and FBI US intelligence agencies under the FISA Amendment Act and allowed full access to all user data stored in the companies cloud infrastructure. source: archived source:

Skype cooperates with the US government to allow access to user communications

The Skype software and infrastructure was changed in a way to abide the demands by the US intelligence agencies to allow access to all user communication. source: archived source:

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