Amazon worker chat app censors certain words

Plans for an app for Amazon workers show the censorship of certain keywords in an aim to prevent any communication between workers emphasizing the creation of unions and other topics which would not be beneficial from the perspective of the company. source: archived source:

Amazon will monitor workers’ keystrokes to ‘combat data theft’

Amazon plans to monitor the computer systems used by it’s employees extensively, stating the necessity for computer security. In reality the goal is to monitor the employees even more as much as possible. source: archived source:

Amazon devices automatically share Internet with neighbors

Amazon planned a change to their series of home devices which will share their respective internet connectivity. This change is done without the consent of the many users of these devices and shows the company does not care about their end users privacy or consent. source: archived source:

Amazon ring used by police

The police force in Los Angeles, USA uses data gathered by Amazon Ring surveillance devices to persecute persons of interest. Another example of a government misusing a product which was not intended for their purposes. source: archived source:

Google and Amazon want all smart home devices to report every user activity to them

Smart home devices by the tech giants Google and Amazon have been known to track every user interaction when activated via their speech assistant connected to the companies central servers. In a change demanded by the tech companies towards 3rd party manufacturers of home devices now every interaction with a user needs to be reported, […]