TikTok’s search engine repeatedly delivers misinformation

When users search for information within the TikTok app it was reported that up to 20% of the results show unchecked false misinformation, e.g. about COVID-19 vaccines or school shootings. The misinformation plays in the goals of the Chinese regime, to which the TikTok company has ties to, to undermine the app’s audience in western […]

Chinese Hackers have been targeting human rights groups for years

An analysis of digital attacks on organizations all around the world show the methods used by the Chinese government to undermine and spy on critical voices who stand up against their totalitarian regime. source: https://www.technologyreview.com/2022/08/16/1057894/hackers-linked-to-china-have-been-targeting-human-rights-groups-for-years/ archived source: https://wellthissucks.xyz/2022/08/16/chinese-hackers-have-been-targeting-human-rights-groups-for-years-archived-source/

Apple asks Taiwan suppliers to label products as ‘Made in China’

Apple asked suppliers in Taiwan to label their products as ‘made in China’ to appease the Chinese regime which does not accept Taiwan as a sovereign country. Instead of standing up against the suppression of a country the Apple company prefers to comply with the Chinese regime in favor for their business in the country. […]

TikTok downplays it’s association with China

Leaked documents show the company’s policy for publicly communicating sensitive topics, among them the often criticized association with the totalitarian regime in China. Employees are directed to avoid direct questions concerning these topics. source: https://gizmodo.com/tiktok-master-messaging-pr-playbook-china-music-1849334736 archived source: https://wellthissucks.xyz/2022/07/27/tiktok-downplays-its-association-with-china-archived-source/

China censors all social media posts

In an attempt to control and censor the communication of the Chinese people the Chinese regime plans to extend their control over all posts via social media, aiming to silence all possible criticism about the country’s dictatorship. source: https://www.technologyreview.com/2022/06/18/1054452/china-censors-social-media-comments/ archived source: https://wellthissucks.xyz/2022/06/18/china-censors-all-social-media-posts-archived-source/

China pulls Keanu Reeves movies due to support for Tibet

The Chinese regime oppresses the country Tibet and condones every criticism about their politics. In response to the actor Keanu Reeves displaying support for the freedom of Tibet the Chinese regime removed all movies relating to the actor in the country. source: https://www.indiewire.com/2022/03/keanu-reeves-movies-pulled-chinese-streaming-platforms-1234711003/ archived source: https://wellthissucks.xyz/2022/03/24/china-pulls-keanu-reeves-movies-due-to-support-for-tibet-archived-source/

China targets Taiwanese Financial Institutions

It was found that a hacker group initiated by the Chinese regime attacked financial institutions in Taiwan, showing the regime does not shy away from any illegal action to get a foothold on foreign countries. source: https://thehackernews.com/2022/02/chinese-hackers-target-taiwanese.html archived source: https://wellthissucks.xyz/2022/02/06/china-targets-taiwanese-financial-institutions-archived-source/

China censors end of movie Fight Club

The movie Fight Club was altered for Chinese viewers in a way that the ending does not show the destruction of a series of buildings but instead displaying a message that the characters have been apprehended by the police. This almost comical alteration shows the deep fear by the Chinese regime about anything that could […]

Taiwan’s NCC finds censorship software in Xiaomi smartphones

An analysis of Xiaomi smartphones revealed software installed on the device which aims to censor certain keywords in favor of the Chinese regime. source: https://www.taiwannews.com.tw/en/news/4402842 archived source: https://wellthissucks.xyz/2022/01/08/taiwans-ncc-finds-censorship-software-in-xiaomi-smartphones-archived-source/

Huawei supplies chinese government with surveillance technolgy

Although the company Huawei claims it does not directly work for the Chinese regime, internal documents show the extensive ways the company supplies the Chinese regime with technology and systems which are mostly used to surveil dissidents in China. source: https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/2021/12/14/huawei-surveillance-china/ archived source: https://wellthissucks.xyz/2021/12/14/huawei-supplies-chinese-government-with-surveillance-technolgy-archived-source/

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