US border forces seize Americans’ phone data and store it for 15 years

American border authorities access travelers’ phones without the need of a warrant, giving free reign of extracting all personal information and storing them for years. source: archived source:

Amazon ring used by police

The police force in Los Angeles, USA uses data gathered by Amazon Ring surveillance devices to persecute persons of interest. Another example of a government misusing a product which was not intended for their purposes. source: archived source:

Apple gave the FBI access to the iCloud account of a protester

Apple cooperated with the FBI to give access to a protester’s data stored in Apple’s iCloud. Though it is normal for a cooperation like Apple to comply with official search warrants this example shows how deeply personal access can be gained into a person’s private life as any data stored in one of the big […]

Backdoor in Juniper network devices

Multiple backdoors were discovered within the OS used on Juniper network devices which allows an attacker to monitor and alter all network traffic. The backdoor is believed to come from a big nation funded operation and mainly not only shows the obvious malicious infiltration of global network infrastructure but also the danger in the nature […]

NSA infiltrated HDD firmware

Security researchers found out that over years the NSA manipulated the firmware of HDDs which allowed to compromise systems all over the world in a way which is almost impossible to detect by any operating system. This shows the effort the agency puts into spying on foreign countries, corporations and end users. source: archived […]

Microsoft cooperated with the NSA and FBI for access to user data in the cloud

Microsoft openly cooperated with the NSA and FBI US intelligence agencies under the FISA Amendment Act and allowed full access to all user data stored in the companies cloud infrastructure. source: archived source:

Skype cooperates with the US government to allow access to user communications

The Skype software and infrastructure was changed in a way to abide the demands by the US intelligence agencies to allow access to all user communication. source: archived source:

Microsoft Windows contains a NSA backdoor access

It was revealed that the Microsoft Windows operating system contains a cryptographic key used by the NSA intelligence agency, likely used to allow access to data on any copy of the operating system used worldwide. source: archived source:

A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace

An open letter aimed against the Telecommunications Reform Act and instead describing what the Internet truly is. source: archived source: