Apple asks Taiwan suppliers to label products as ‘Made in China’

Apple asked suppliers in Taiwan to label their products as ‘made in China’ to appease the Chinese regime which does not accept Taiwan as a sovereign country. Instead of standing up against the suppression of a country the Apple company prefers to comply with the Chinese regime in favor for their business in the country. […]

Apple Practice of Changing Former Employee Titles

It got known about a practice by the tech giant Apple to change the title of former employees to “associate” in an aim to lower their chances on the job market e.g. to be hired by possible competitors. source: archived source:

Apple is censoring words and phrases customers can engrave on products

In another aim to appease the Chinese regime, Apple censors certain keywords customers are able to engrave on Apple products, keywords which are related to protests against the Chinese regime. source: archived source:

Apple scans all images on iPhones without user consent

Apple planned to implement a system which scans all images stored on iPhone smartphones with the goal of finding illegal content to pass on to law enforcement agencies. The difference between this system and the fact that user data is already scanned on the iCloud is the fact that this would be a system running […]

Apple gives Chinese Government Access to iCloud Data and Censored Apps

To not lost any footing in the Chinese market, Apple does not put in any effort to stand up against the Chinese regime and instead bends to their bidding, giving full access to customer data and giving in censorship. source: archived source:

Apple is enabling censorship of LGBTQ+ apps

It was found that Apple willingly censored LGBTQ+ related apps from their app store in multiple countries which condone the LGBTQ+ community. Instead of standing up against censorship and the oppression of certain social groups, Apple decides to bend the will of foreign countries to not lose their business footing. source: archived source:

Apple gave the FBI access to the iCloud account of a protester

Apple cooperated with the FBI to give access to a protester’s data stored in Apple’s iCloud. Though it is normal for a cooperation like Apple to comply with official search warrants this example shows how deeply personal access can be gained into a person’s private life as any data stored in one of the big […]

Apple sends information about every binary file on MacOS to their central servers

It was found that on Apple’s MacOS operating system information about each executed binary file is logged and sent to their central servers. Which gives the company a deep insight about the user’s system usage without their consent. The company can claim this is a security measure but at the least it should be an […]

Apple’s nonfree Safari browser spies on users for the Chinese company Tencent

The Safari web browser installed on all Apple systems by default logs user’s ip addresses and sends them to their partner company Tencent which is known to be under control by the Chinese regime. source: archived source:

Apple aids China in censorship

Under the pressure of the Chinese government Apple removed all VPN apps from their App Store in the Chinese region. These apps helped to access content which otherwise would be inaccessible from within China as internet content is strictly controlled by the Chinese government to silence critical voices. By aiding the Chinese government in this […]

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