Google and Facebook collect excessive amounts of user data

An analysis of the amount of data tech giants like Google and Facebook store from tracking user data, showing how the processing of personal user data is their core business model. source: archived source:

Google tries to silence free press for reporting about their unfair market practices

A journalist was forced to take down a critical article which describes the practices used by Google which can be seen as an unfair way to gain a competitive advantage on the online search engine market. It shows the influence Google tries to force even upon the free press to silence critical voices about their […]

Google changes it’s terms of services to allow even more excessive tracking of users

Despite claims in the past the data collected via the different online services offered by the company, Google changed the paragraph from their terms of services, allowing to combine the data collected from all their services and track the users in an even more extended way. source: archived source:

Google pulls adblocking app for Samsung phones

Google banned an app used for blocking ads from their app store as it was interrupting their core business, to subject their users to as many ads online as possible for revenue. source: archived source:

Google aids Pakistan in censorship of their video platform

Google collaborates with the government in Pakistan to deploy a local version of the video platform YouTube, allowing the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority to censor the platform’s content on their own behalf. Prior to the collaboration the service was completely banned in the country due to the lack of censorship possibilities. Instead of standing in for […]

Google’s Email service is used to profile all users

When Google first launched it’s new Email service for free with almost unlimited storage space it drove many users to the service. But the drawback is that every Email sent and received via a Gmail account is scanned and analyzed by the company in the aim for ad revenue and also to create profiles of […]

Google Play Store shares personal user information with app developers

When user’s buy an app on Google’s Play Store the full personal information stored for purchasing purposes are shared with the app’s developer. This fact can only be found in the fine print of the company’s terms of services and is not communicated to the end user’s in a way of making them aware of […]

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