Samsung remotely disables SmartTVs

Samsung announced a function for their SmartTVs product series which allows the company to remotely disable the devices functionality. The company defends the implementation with the goal to fight off looters but it shows how even when you buy a product it does not fully belong to you as the vendor keeps full control over […]

Samsung remotely disables SmartTVs – archived source

Samsung Supports Retailers Affected By Looting With Innovative Television Block Function on 06-08-2021 JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – 06 August 2021 – Samsung South Africa has announced the implementation of a Television Block Function on all Samsung TV sets. The blocking system is intended to be implemented in respect of televisions that have been obtained by users […]

Backdoor in Samsung Galaxy devices – archived source

Backdoor in Samsung Galaxy devices ‘allows remote access to data’ According to one developer, Samsung has committed a big security error by letting its modem write to disk but Samsung says it’s a “software feature” that poses no risk to users. Written by Liam Tung, Contributor on March 13, 2014 The developers behind Replicant, an Android OS based […]

Backdoor in Samsung Galaxy devices

A backdoor was found in Samsung devices which allows remote access to user data. Although the company claims this does not present a security risk and is an intended feature it shows the carelessness towards the user base and it is questionable if the backdoor has been used in the past by either Samsung itself […]