Australia’s laws about Internet regulation

The Australian government passes laws which give them power over the content which is consumed by Internet users all over the country. This can lead to Internet providers being forced to report users based on specific classifications of online content, leading to possible false allegations and censorship. source: archived source:

TikTok’s search engine repeatedly delivers misinformation

When users search for information within the TikTok app it was reported that up to 20% of the results show unchecked false misinformation, e.g. about COVID-19 vaccines or school shootings. The misinformation plays in the goals of the Chinese regime, to which the TikTok company has ties to, to undermine the app’s audience in western […]

US border forces seize Americans’ phone data and store it for 15 years

American border authorities access travelers’ phones without the need of a warrant, giving free reign of extracting all personal information and storing them for years. source: archived source:

Facebook spied on private messages of Americans who questioned the 2020 election

Facebook reported private messages to the FBI if the content expressed anti-government or anti-authority sentiments. The FBI stated the reports were a waste of their time as no direct planned violent acts could be derived. source: archived source:

Iran sentences two gay rights activists to death

For decades the Iranian government sentenced 1000s of gays and lesbians to death. In the latest example two LGBTQ activists have been given the death sentence without even allowing them being defended by a lawyer. source: archived source:

TikTok uses every technical possibility to obtain as much user data as possible

An Analysis of the TikTok app reveals it is implemented in a way which makes it possible to obtain any input on the device, including sensitive data like credit card credentials. source: archived source:

Chinese Hackers have been targeting human rights groups for years

An analysis of digital attacks on organizations all around the world show the methods used by the Chinese government to undermine and spy on critical voices who stand up against their totalitarian regime. source: archived source:

Apple asks Taiwan suppliers to label products as ‘Made in China’

Apple asked suppliers in Taiwan to label their products as ‘made in China’ to appease the Chinese regime which does not accept Taiwan as a sovereign country. Instead of standing up against the suppression of a country the Apple company prefers to comply with the Chinese regime in favor for their business in the country. […]

The UK Online Safety Bill Attacks Free Speech and Encryption

The UK government plans to pass a new bill on Internet access which would give advanced power over it’s citizens, opening the possibility for censorship and prosecution. Also attempting to undermine the use of strong encryption to give the government easy access to all user content for inspection. The bill in it’s current form imposes […]

GitLab plans to delete dormant projects in free accounts

GitLab announced plans to change their policy regarding projects hosted on their platform, leading to a complete removal in case of no current activity. The platform aims to win back resources by applying this policy on free unpaid accounts and drive users to apply to premium paid accounts. Although the plans were abandoned after severe […]

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